Property Valuations in Bootle

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At Bootle Chartered Surveyors our valuer, Surveyor Chris Newman FRICS, is able to provide valuations on all types of residential property, across Bootle and Merseyside.

House Valuations in Bootle
Property Valuation in Bootle

If you need a professional to calculate the capital value of your own property in Bootle, or an investment you are looking to make, Surveyor Chris Newman will provide you with an accurate, reliable and clear valuation report - combining his expertise with essential local knowledge.

An accurate valuation can save you thousands in unnecessary expenditure by helping you to avoid over-valued property and negotiate a better deal. Chris can also advise on related aspects like resale value and investment potential.

Why might you need to value your property?

Expert valuation reports can be provided for many purposes including matrimonial disputes, tax liabilities, probate, estate planning, building disputes and other litigation matters. With our wealth of experience in property valuation we can offer development appraisals and advice about maximising the value of a property with development potential. Valuations for mortgage, compulsory purchase, rent assessment and pension funds are all provided by our experienced surveyors.

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